Friday, April 15, 2011

Our host, Jen Kamari, reflects about remembering the Genocide

Today is a holiday here. The day that ends the week of mourning for the genocide. Seventeen years have come and gone and Rwanda continues to strive on every level to move forward. I like the motto for this year - 'Upholding the truth, Preserving our dignity'. Every Rwandan we know has been changed for life because of the genocide. On Sunday we were taught on the Attribute of God - God is Just. Sparked lots of discussion in the Monday night Bible study. I walked away from the study very blessed to know that group of 22 people is striving to live like Christ and to believe in a God that is Just. Not easy for me, let alone someone who has witnessed some horrific things.
Pray for the remaining 100 days of genocide. Each day people in this country remember where they were during that time. May God prevail!

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