Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Important Things to Do in May to Prepare for Our Time in Rwanda

  1. Continue journaling & praying to prepare your heart and mind for the trip!

  2. Continue to increase your knowledge quotient about Rwanda.

    1. Follow this blog, Jen & Serge's, and Karyn's.
    2. Keep an eye out for Rwanda in the news.

    3. Read additional books about Rwanda.

    4. Watch movies about Rwanda.

  3. Prepare physically

    1. Workout – You'll do more walking in Rwanda than you normally do and in general be very physically active.

    2. Sleep well! Do all you can to start this trip rested!

  4. Fill your malaria & Cipro prescriptions

  5. Purchase items from the packing list that you're missing

  6. Finish your photo portfolios

  7. Write your 1 page outline of your faith story

  8. Fill out all your forms

  9. Follow up with your supporters!

    1. Update them on how the preparations for the trip have been going

    2. Tell them about our blog. We'll be posting updates about the trip to this blog while we're gone. Encourage them to look there!

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