Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun Facts

The youth team with the giraffes
Ryan and Heidi Janss have been capturing some "fun facts" from each day of our trip.  It's a way you can experience our trip if you happen to have a short attention span.  So here we go:

June 16, 2011
1) Americans use over 100 L of water a day per person, whereas, Rwandans use 30L for a family of 5, if they're lucky.
2) $1 = 602.5 Rwandan Francs (RWF)
3) "Muharo" means hello in Kiryrwandan

June 17, 2011
1) Street kids could have been kick out of their house as early as 8
2) The ladies at Ubizima sang Happy Birthday to Ryan in 3 languages
3) "Biteh" is hello for young kids in Kiryrwandan
4) We like your comments

June 18, 2011
1) The Rwandan slang term for minibus translates to "squish" in English
2) There are 525 species of birds in the Akorka National Park
3) There are always toothpicks on the Rwandan dinner tables, and it's perfectly acceptable to use them

June 19, 2011
1) Rwanda's nickname is "Land of a thousand hills"
2) Prune juice in Rwanda is not prunes, but tree tomatoes.
3) Do no expect to get your food in under an hour in Rwandan restaurants.  Fresh baguette means they bake it from scratch.


  1. Domenic, don't forget you only have Frappolli speed, so don't try to outrun the giraffes! Love and miss you (dad/Carlo)

  2. Bryce:
    Great Safari post!
    Will you have a chance to see the gorillas that Rwanda is famous for?

    Also everyone, just wondering if there is much "requests for donations" of the Mzungo from the local people on the streets. If so, how do you handle it?

    I know I have encountered it in every major city in the USA and most countries I have visited.

    Your blogs are fantastic!


  3. Your smiles, so far into your adventure, speak volumes! Heidi and Ryan - your facts do make me think - especially the water one! Need to cut back the sprinkler system to two days a week. Hugs - Mom/Grandma in VA.

  4. Dom dont get too tan, you already make me look too white

    Anthony Herwaldt

  5. I like the fun facts, short and too the point. It is amazing how different a culture can be, and yet so similar.


  6. Making copies of your blogs and sending them on to computerless Grandparents.