Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Great Blessing

Hello everyone.  We've just come to the end of our first day in Kigali.  More on that later from Jill.  I just wanted to get a quick post up to let you know that we did get here safely.  We had two unexpected stops on our travels.  The first was in Canada.  Our flight to Brussels actually stopped in Montreal where we had to get off and then right back on the same plane.

Then last night, on our final approach into Kigali, we ran into a freak Thunderstorm.  Rwanda is 3 weeks into the dry season, but still a pretty large storm prevented our decent.  We circled for an hour or so before the crew decided to abort Kigali and head to Entebee, Uganda.  Our plane was scheduled to make a stop in both Kigali and Entebee, so we just make the stops in reverse order.  We flew to Entebee (30 minutes), waited on the ground for another hour or so, then flew back to Kigali after the storm had cleared.

The net result was a 3 hour delay landing in Kigali.  We ended up four bags short (Johns -1,  Janss - 1, Twaddle -2) and it took another hour to fill our the missing bag forms.

In the midnight cab ride to our guest house our cabbie told me that rain, especially this time of year is a great blessing.  He said we brought with us a great blessing.  Late as it was and as tired as we were, we were still a part of what God did last night.


  1. Ryan hang in there. We are having a good laugh at your expense. Next time Dad says "you might want to carry that blue bag on" take him seriously. We love you and don't worry. Enjoy the people, culture and the view. Remember you are there for God's work. With the spirit you have you can do wonderful things. Mom

  2. What an adventure. And all before you spent your first day in Rwanda. I can't wait for more updates!