Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all of our dads.  Sorry we can't be with you today.  Happy Father's Day.

Myles (Happy Father's day from Lindsey),

Tim (Happy Father's Day from Bryce),

Peter Martin Janss VII (call Marisa & Madelin if you want surrogate children today - from Jill & Darby),

Mark T (Your card is somewhere in the house, maybe on my dresser? - Ryan),

Carlo (Happy Father's day.  Enjoy yourself! -Domenic),

Craig (Happy Fathers Day!! I love you from Steph)

Ron (Happy Father's day, did you get our card?  - Jen & Doug)

Mike (Happy Fathers Day - from Emily)

Keith (Hope you enjoy our suggestion for a new hobby - Doug & Jen)

Elmer (Happy Father's day Grandpa! All the mowing in Rwanda is by hand! - Doug & Jen)

Mike (Happy Father's day from Heidi, Jill, and Darby)

Happy Father's day to our dads!


  1. To all the kids, from all the dads: we are happy you are where you are on this Fathers day - we could not be more proud. Your service brings us unbelievable enjoyment.

    Domenic, we will celebrate when you get home. Love you so much! (Dad/Carlo)

  2. Aww... what a great Father's Day present!

    It is always wonderful to see your smiling faces. The stories and pictures have been amazing! I cannot wait to hear about the experience in person!

    I love you too, Stephanie!
    Love, Dad (Craig)