Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Holy Spirit flows through Rwanda

By Jill Janss

This morning, we woke up to a wonderful surprise...there is no water. Jen Kamari told us that it could be because of some construction and that the water would return probably tomorrow. So, if you could add water into your prayers please :). We went to breakfast across the street in the dining room, and the food was delightful. We were served this type of freititta, it had eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and some other ingredients. We also got some bread, tea, coffee, and miniature bananas that ryan calls finger bananas.

After breakfast, Jen K took us to a Kinyarwanda service. For the first hour, we just sang songs. Everyone was so alive that it felt awkward if you didn't sway or do some sort of movement. On the last song we sang, it was the most up beat. Serge's cousin started to dance around the room, went up on stage, and even danced next to us. It was so funny and amazing to see him just dance around right next to us, and even have my mom break out dancing next to him.  (Don't worry Pete, he was married.) They taught us this dance move where you sort of bend over like your carrying someone on your back. It symbolizes jesus carrying us.

After singing songs, there was a testimony and a send off. At the send off, they were saying good bye to a couple as they were going to do work in Kenya. The man believed that his new job in Kenya was a sign from God. During the testimony, a lady and her husband (Serge's cousin), talked about how God is always there, and how he answered a list they wrote out when they got married. They told us, that up to today, God has answered everything but one thing on their list.

When their testimony was over, the sermon was next. Whenever their congregation has an African guest pastor, that pastor then gets privilege to preach or say a few words. The guest speaker that preached to us today was a little bit different. He has preached there multiple times and was asked, today, to summarize his lectures. He preached basically about love your brothers and your sisters, and also about fellowship. There was one concept that Lindsey and I found very interesting. It was "Kindness is not a weakness". He said that it makes you vulnerable which allows you to become stronger. Once the service was over, I was amazed with what happened as we were leaving. A lot of children just swarmed around us and just gave us hugs after hugs. They were so warming by holding our hands and just welcoming us to their church and country.

The rest of the day was just orientation with Jen K and debriefing about the last couple of days. Our conversations were really interesting to hear about everyones first impressions of Rwanda, and what they thought about the service.

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  1. Thanks for posting your experiences and pictures. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Mom/Grandma in VA