Sunday, June 12, 2011

More photos from today

The girls spin in their skirts

Emily on the balcony of the guest house

Jen and Heidi make sue without running water

Bryce and Doug get ready for church


  1. Ties for guys! Colorful skirts for gals! And reality---often there is no water, or no hot water and no electricity. But you all look great. Send some photos of your contacts please.

  2. Pics are great - keep them coming. Looks like you are all dealing with inconveniences and staying positive. Would love to see a pic of your hosts and the children. Proud of each of you! (Carlo)

  3. You all look great! Thanks for taking the time to write notes and take pictures. They are greatly appreciated! We love all of you and are so proud of you. You are living TGLTYTY(ask Bryce what that means). Peace and Love to you! Kathy

  4. @Kathy - Bryce Explained it to all of us tonight
    @Carlo & @Herb - We will get some pictures of our hosts tomorrow.

  5. Dear Nick, Hi we wanted yo to know how much we are enjoyng all the writings. It sounds like all are learning and experiencing some wonderful things. We are very proud of you and your group. It seems like you are doing a lot of singing, wish I could be there with you. I willexpect next time we are in church together we will sitnext to each other so I can hear you sing. Seems like you are getting a lot of exercise, hope you don't have to climb many more hills. I am so looking forward to you telling us about this wonderful experience. Isn't it interesting that no matter where you go people are the same. Happy, sad, kind, loving, grateful, don't speak the same language but there are really so many ways to communicate and to show you care. People never give up hope. That people who have suffered so much and still are.can forgive and go on. What a wonderful lesson for us and also it serves as a reminder for us. To be as these people are who have faith and are trying to live it every day. God Bless all. Love Grandma and Grandpa

  6. Wonderful, wonderful pictures!

    love you guys!