Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections - Domenic Frappolli

Domenic, outside the Moucecore guest house

We spent 2 weeks together. Most of our time was spent in Rwanda. As I look back on the experiences we shared and the lessons I learned, I feel a sort of peace as this trip comes to an end. I feel like we've worked hard, learned many life lessons, and grown individually and as a group.

Now saying that I feel at peace doesn't mean I'm anywhere near done. I felt greatly for the people who don't have running water, and have to journey more than a mile on uphill dirt paths with the sun beating down on them, to get water that we would never find suitable to drink. I hope to change the little things at home, like how long I shower, how much water I need to brush my teeth, and how much water I simply don't drink. But I still am not satisfied with that, and I want to do more. After multiple one-on-one talks with Serge, I came to realize the magnitude of the things he wants to accomplish. He truly wants to help the people, but to do so comes at a great cost. Not only to himself, but also in money. Now the money that is needed is more than I can come up with, but I want to help Serge and his cause. I'm not sure yet how I could raise such high amounts of money that would really contribute, or what I could do to make a significant impact, but when I pray to God I will find a way. And that is what I plan to do when I get home.

Now this trip has left an impression on me, and it has changed me in ways that will truly last a life time. Lessons of forgiveness, valuing the blessings God has given me, living in the moment, and understanding that I can make a big impact are just some of the things I've taken away from this trip. And from these things I hope that now I will not only be more understanding of the world and others not as fortunate as me, but I hope to be a better person, and a better follower of God. Please keep our team in your prayers, and thank you to everyone for walking with us as we took this adventure.

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