Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections - Jill Janss

Jill with Moses (middle) and Natalie and Emile
My experience in Rwanda can not be explained in words. This trip was so powerful and impacted me more than anything else in my life. There was not one missionary that was better than the other. They were all equally important and changed me some way. All I can say about this trip is "kindness is not a weakness". On previous mission trips, I would not branch out and be kind to everyone I met. However, on this trip, I saw kindness everywhere. It was so contagious that I started to make friends at the missionaries and the refugee camp. I favorite friends were at Kiziba, especially the old man, Moses. Even though we could not communicate with out a translater, we instantly became friends. I, now, truly believe that kindness is a powerful characteristic. If the pastor at the church service did not say "kindness is not a weakness", then this trip would not have been as life changing as it is now.

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