Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections - Lindsey Coleman

Lindsey hanging our of the window of the "squish" bus.

As these 2 weeks drew  to a close I could not help but feel a sadness within me. I've learned so much here and I don't think my time in the 3rd world has ended quite yet. As we debriefed with Jen K and Jen B we shared some final laughs and had some good conversation as we reflected on these past 14 days.      Poignant feelings filled the room as dreams were shared and tears were shed. We discussed about how we would continue to live out our mission once we returned home. My dream for when I return home is to never let the lessons I have learned fade. I want Rwanda to be a vivid memory in my mind for as long as possible. I never want to forget the smell of the market or the red clay or the huge banana tree leaves. I don't want to forget the faces of the Ubzima women, or the rambunctious spirits of the street kids or the treacherous water walk. I don't want to forget the guest house and how it became our Rwandan home.

As we now enter into the third stage of our journey I want our team to continue to work together to achieve the many goals we have discussed. Rwanda allowed me to discover new things about myself, and I feel as though I have been shown the light of God and what he plans for me in the future.

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