Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Level

Serge demonstrates the three level animal housing.

Today we traveled 65 Kilometers to a district named Kayonza.  The main purpose was to experience the water walk. I know Bryce posted about his experience with that, so I won't bore you with the tale of my pathetic walk up the mountain with my measly 5L bottle.  Let's just say there was much heavy breathing!

What I want to write about is the ministry that is happening in that place through International Teams, the ministry group that is hosting us.  Kayonza is a much more rural area, and I-Teams owns a piece of land.  Their vision is to use that land to improve the lives of the whole community.  First of all, they have dug a well, which when they get the electricity hooked up will mean that water walks will be a thing of the past.  The well cost $20,000 US to dig.  They had to go down 120 meters, put in the pump and the pipes to get it to the site.  This will give the whole community access to a much closer water source which will change their lives dramatically.

The wedding-cake cabbage patch
On the rest of the land they are experimenting with being more efficient with crops and animals.   When they have the funds they will build a tech school to teach these farming methods to those in the community. They have quite an operation going, learning to grow more crops on smaller pieces of land.  We saw some cabbages planted in a way that made them look like a giant layered wedding cake.  They are also keeping their animals in cages and stacking them.  We saw 10 foot stacked squares with goats on the bottom, rabbits in the middle and chicken on top.  I personally would always want to be on the top level in such an operation.  This method allows people to do more if they only have a little land.

One of the cool things about this experience is that we are seeing the effects of some of the major issues in Africa, AIDS, lack of water, poverty...but we are also seeing how people are creatively trying to address those issues.

Jill and Bryce
On a final note, I once again want to brag on our kids.  They are approaching each and every challenge, obstacle and opportunity with such enthusiasm and grace.  I am always proud to be with them.  They are working hard during the day, and thinking hard in the evening during our evening debrief.  We have continued to debrief  each day, gleaning the experiences for opportunties for our own growth.  I wish all of you could hear the thoughtful discussions we are having.

Continue to hold us in prayer, as we still have a fair amount of adventure ahead of us.  We have been adding to a prayer list everyday, and it is getting quite long, but we have much to pray for!  God bless.


  1. We are so appeciative of all of your blogs! Your words make us feel we are there with you. Your daily events make us sooooo proud of each one of you. We love you all. God be with you and those you meet and greet. Nancy and Ray

  2. Wow, I can feel the dirt in my shoes, the sweat on my brow, and the prickly sun parched skin. How vivid the descriptions are and how it makes me humble for the creature comforts I take for granted and enjoy on a daily basis. What faith to build a well without having electricity yet! And, yes, I’ll take the top rack if you please. I am including you all in my prayers daily, requesting God send Grace, patience, open hearts and minds, and calming nights to reinvigorate you for your next challenge. The pictures of your Water Walk and knowing you were offering up your prayers as you walked, reminded me of the African saying: “Never pray without moving your feet.” Love to your all - Mom/Grandma in VA

  3. Wow ... I've just read through all your posts to-date. The experiences you are having and the love that you are sharing with the locals is truly amazing. Keep up the great work. Carl Henninger

  4. Is this post from Jen?
    You are all a wonderful group of people to be representing the United States, Christians, and Faith church. Thank you so much!
    Jen, your careful planning and preparation for this team has been remarkable. I imagine the fruits of your labor is noticeable now.