Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Way Home

We are in the Kigali airport preparing for our long journey home.  Please continue to pray for our safety as we travel.  We spent our few hours today doing some last minute shopping, processing the trip with Jen K, and saying our goodbyes.

We will each be posting some additional reflections on the trip as we travel home.  We will post them as we get the chance, so stay tuned!

The sun sets over lake Kivu in Kibuye


  1. Have safe trip back home. Can't wait to see you.

  2. We are anxious to see you all safely back in Glen Ellyn. Our prayers and thoughts are with you! (Carlo)

  3. Fly fast and safe! We are so proud of all your accomplishments and hear your growth in your'll have lots to tell...we look forward to it. Carla Aufdengarten

  4. Gracious Lord – be a safe, constant, and swift wind beneath their wings as these your servants travel home. This I pray with all my heart and love to all, especially Heidi, Jillian, and Darby – Mom/Grandma in VA

  5. See you are on your way from Brussells this morning. 70% chance of heavy rain in Newark. Hope you are not delayed on trip to O'Hare. Almost home. Safe travels.

  6. Safe travels.
    We pray for peace.

    We also pray for justice. Coincidentally, enough - this in the paper today:
    WORLD | June 25, 2011
    Life Sentences in Rwanda Genocide Case

    A U.N. court sentenced Rwanda's former minister for family and women's affairs and her son to life prison terms for their roles in the 1994 genocide.

    David DeLuna