Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Comments

The Birthday boy, Ryan, washing his other set of clothes.

We've been reading all of your comments when we are together in the evening.  Thanks for commenting and encouraging us.  Please keep it up!


  1. Twaddle -2 bags?? Oh, no! Hope you had a great birthday today, Ryan! Your post yesterday was very powerful. Wishing you the best, and enjoying your trip vicariously through the blog.

  2. I love reading all the posts! Ryan, I'll bet you were happy to provide Darby and Emily with some entertainment. They certainly look amused. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Ryan. It's neat seeing you doing the wash while the ladies are supervising.

  4. I'm not really Anonymous, It's Mr and Mrs B.

  5. Taught that boy well didn't I. I'm sure he would be willing to help others do wash:)

    Hope you had a great B-day!

  6. Hello to the whole group and Happy Birthday to Ryan. I enjoyed catching up on all that has been written; it seems to have lots to write about and share. We missed you in church on Sunday but know you were fed by the same Holy Spirit! Continue your growth in Christ and celebrate each moment of this big trip. Carla Aufdengarten

  7. Nick, looks like you are having a wonderful time learning so much We are proud of you and the whole group. Will keep you in our prayers and look forward hearing all about your trip over the 4th Love Aunt Debby and Uncle Dennis

  8. Domenic
    A great Blog from you! All of you guys have excellent communications skills. It helps me feel right there with you.

    What an experience all of you are sharing. I just hope everyone you tell back here can even come close to understanding what life is like there.
    All of you will be so much wiser for the rest of your life after this!

    Be Safe. Keep the blogs coming.