Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Day in Kiziba

Ryan dances in the library

by Ryan Coleman 

This was one of the best days I’ve had so I desired deeply to blog about it and, that wish has been fulfilled. This day started off with a fantastic breakfast and delicious coffee (there’s a first for everything). We then went on our way to the Kiziba refugee camp which was an interesting experience to say in the least. As soon as we first stepped foot out of the bus, we were bombarded with children of all ages. 

When I say bombarded, I mean totally engulfed by kids in every direction. They asked every question they could think of which wasn’t a lot because all they knew was “What is your name?”. They were intrigued by our presence and most of them followed us throughout the camp wherever we went. Our group then continued to the library and got started. Since they gave us an experience of a lifetime yesterday with their music, today we decided to return the favor, or try at least. The entire group sang “Mighty to Save” accompanied by Doug on the guitar. It wasn’t nearly as good as what we heard yesterday from them but I believe that the refugees in the camp thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Ryan teaches some dance moves
The day continued on with the females playing basketball. It was fun to watch even though the girls of our group didn’t play so well. But then us guys got to play against a team of refugee youth boys and we were able to show them how basketball is really played. Totally kidding, I’ve never been so amazed about how incredible people can play basketball and the FLY boys were not successful in getting the W - Not even close. However it was a spectacular experience playing with them. 

To complete our day we went back to the library and listened to even more incredible worship music, bringing emotions to many and even some tears. After worship music we listened to the “party” music as we all stood up and pulled out some sick dance moves to go along with the riveting beat. Kyle and Ellie then had a great duet and then we were able to buy a couple items from a store in the camp. We are now on the bus, making our way back to our guest house in Kigali. It’s too bad we can’t stay longer because I have absolutely loved my time here. 

Ryan hauls in a rebound during the boy's game


  1. Music is so powerful!! I love that you guys sang Mighty To Save, I wish I could have seen that because that's one of my favorites!! Sounds like a really fun day, Ryan!

  2. I see that the basketball court appears to be compacted dirt. Is it? What happens in the rainy season?

  3. Ryan, your sense of humor comes through, and so does your heart. I'd sure love to see those sick dance moves. We'll expect a demo when you return!

  4. Ryan, please thank the person that wrote this article, they did a great job.