Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Day to Remember

by Ryan Coleman
This morning was a great one as I woke up refreshed and ready to start the day. I had a hearty breakfast and then had a pretty fantastic devotion about starting something new, as I was planning on beginning to work in the refugee camp today. This was not actually the case as all were doing is driving there and not actually working but it was still a pretty good devo. We then took a trip back to J Lynn’s for the third straight day as we are doing more work in clearing land for a playground.  Yes, we did continue to use machetes but don’t worry, we used them safely. 

Part of our work consisted of removing the stumps of the banana trees, and picking up trash. Most of the day however was put into removing the giant pile of chopped down trees, sticks, and an incredible amount of leaves and other brush that had piled up from yesterday. We placed all of this into one pickup truck and I was truly amazed on how much the truck can hold. It was really a sight to behold the amount that was in there even though I thought about half of it would suffice. Once we concluded our work at J Lynn’s we came back to the guest house and now are currently getting ready for our 3-4 hour drive to the Kiziba refugee camp. This was an incredible day and I can’t wait for what is in store for tomorrow. 


  1. Traveling mercies, dear team! After two intense days, I'm sure sitting in a jeep feels strange and you may not feel like you are doing anything. Sit back, enjoy each other's company, and soak in the view of the hills. Soon, your feet will hit the dusty road of the refugee camp.

    If I can take a personal moment and tell Darby Janss that I love her so very much. You've made me cry from happiness and pride this morning. It's going to take me the whole day to get through the book, one sentence at a time. Love you, M

  2. Good luck at the Refugee Camp. I am sure your eyes will open even wider. So much for you guys to learn about.. the turmoil in Congo, do they want to go home?, water, sanitation, nutrition, education, shelter, over-crowding, employment, etc.... I am sure the supplies you are bringing along with your smiles and readiness to help will touch many.

  3. First, thank you for sending us the pictures of the banana trees; we were curious to see what you were chopping down. That was quite a job.

    Adelle's story was amazing. The people's strength to have survived and then to carry on is inspiring. Jen and Darby thank you for sharing your experience at the museum and your feelings. Our prayers are with you.

    Have a safe journey to the camp and thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. You all are going to be so strong after this trip! Enjoy the drive to Kizibia! It is soooo beautiful!

  5. Ryan, my first thought was to say who are you and what have you done with my son?! But after more thought, I realized that you and all the folks you traveled with have always had the faith, the energy, the desire and mental and physical strength to complete all these tasks and process what you have seen. May all of you continue to make the most of each day, and rest peacefully, knowing that you are loved!
    Oh, and thank you for using the machetes correctly!

  6. Jen, why didn't we get to use machetes?!

    But it sounds like you guys are working hard and enjoying it! I hope you all take the time to absorb where you are and what you are doing.

    God Bless