Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blogging is even worse than devotions

Kate (with Lizzie and Mel) after a successful barter
 by Kate Twaddle

I do not enjoy writing, but today I found out how much I love bartering. This morning we went to a market in Kigali. We had to barter because a huge part of Rwanda culture is building relationships and relationships are built through conversations. 

In general, I would never start a conversation with a stranger, but when I saw a shirt that said Muzungu, I had to buy it. For those of you who do not know what a Muzungu is, it is what all the children yell at you when you walk by. It means white person or foreigner. Since this might be the one and only time I visit Rwanda, I jumped at the opportunity and asked the woman selling the shirt how much it cost. Jen K told us to immediately cut the given price in half and I did so until the person selling the product and I agreed on a price. 

My favorite quote form this morning was from Mel R. The woman selling her a pair of earrings asked for 1,000 Franks and Mel hastily replied with, “How bout 5,000?” when she meant to say 500. Overall, today was the first time I realized it was ok to question people whether it be because you want to better understand someones culture or just because you did not understand what they were saying. 
The market


  1. That's so funny, what Mel said on accident!! That market sounds really neat, I'm jealous! I hope you all found cool stuff:)

  2. Kate - I like how you, Lizzie and Melanie are so color coordinated with the building in this photo. Thanks for sharing your story even if you don't enjoy writing.

  3. This trip is really pushing you out of comfort zones. Writing, devotions, starting conversations with strangers. What next?!

    I totally get that writing is not everyone's favorite thing to do. But know this: The writing on this blog has been outstanding. Each one of you is telling beautiful, touching stories. Your words are keeping us informed, encouraged, entertained, and inspired. Each day's entries have given me so much to think and pray about -- not just while you are away, but for a long time to come.

    So thank you for blowing past your disdain for writing. It's all good.

  4. Kate, thanks for sharing your bartering story. I'd like to see that shirt! I can't wait to see Melanie's 5,000 franc earrings :) You'd never know she is on the math team!

  5. When they get back, we may need to have another fund raiser to pay for Melanie's earrings...

  6. So happy to see you blog! I know this is "out of your comfort zone." I can't wait to hear more about your bartering skills. It is truly amazing how God works through a Rwandan woman to help us shape you into an awesome young adult. Dad and I are very proud of you. Please blog more.
    Love. Mom

  7. Kate! I've been thinking about you for the past couple of days. Loved "hearing" your voice this morning!

  8. So glad to hear from you Kate! In spite of your misgivings about writing you expressed yourself very well. Liking the smiles on your faces too!
    And to the photographer, who I assume was Doug, you should enter the colorful photo into a contest.

  9. Sounds like you are enjoying your time and learning new skills - It is fun to picture you bartering in the market! I also liked the description of the Sunday worship - it really brings shows how God loves all people.
    Laura Reeves

  10. Way to go Kate! Embrace the changes, and push yourself. I can't wait to meet the "new you" when you return. : )
    (in truth, I hate negotiating prices so.... I could learn from you.)
    Tina Rudins