Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Train Your Children Well

Andy helps the team clear banana trees
by Andy Waters

In Poverbs 22.6 we are told to Train our children the right way and when old they will not stray. Also in Proverbs it tells us To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. Poverbs is filled with so many instructions that tell us the direct way to live our lives; a kind of user manual. As a parent I wondered if I was teaching my children the right way. I wondered if they would carry out, in a loving, humble way, God’s justice of fairness to all people. Not the justice that puts people down or imprisons them in oppression, poverty or loneliness. I worried what impact other adults had on my child. Did they have good friends? Would they stray? You way be wondering too as a parent, relative or friend of a young person on this trip.

You have read some wonderful stories of what these 13 young people have experienced and their inner thoughts. There will be many more stories shared on this blog but even more to be told when they return. These stories will be bring joy, questions, desire for change and tears. We are experiencing things we could never imagine. We are listening to people share their history, acts of forgiveness, fears and hopes. We are  being shaped by these experiences. 

I am humbled, enriched and honored to be with all 13 young people. I give thanks to all you parents, teachers, youth directors, uncles, aunts, pastors, grand parents, neighbors, friends and others who have guided these 13 kids. I give thanks for the prayers from the people in the pews, South Africa, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Indiana and every corner of this world. I give thanks for every dollar given, every note written,  every car ride made, and every football provided. (You know they call it football here.) I sleep well tonight knowing God has 13 wonderful kids in Rwanda. You need not wonder any more. These are wonderful people who have been trained so well!

Well done good and faithful servants. 


  1. I am very thankful to you 4 adult leaders who are taking care of these 13 kids in order for them to have this amazing experience. God Bless You.

  2. Thank you for your kind words about our children! I agree with Sue Warner that we are very thankful for you adult leaders who are helping our children to have this opportunity. I will pray for a restful night sleep for all of you and loads of energy to continue this wonderful journey!

  3. Thanks Andy!
    Right now we have four awesome adults guiding those 13 kids. That means a lot to all of us here at home.