Saturday, July 26, 2014

A chance to listen

You've read a lot about the singing we've done in the camp.  I thought you might like a chance to hear it too.  Here is a little snippet of audio.  This is a song we learned today.  It is being sung in Kinyrwandan.  The words are

Urimwiza, Urimwiza
Reka Ndabivuge Urimwiza Yesu

It means:
You are good, You are good
Let me say it, You are good, Jesus.

Listen Now

The chalkboard used to teach us the words

Our two youth groups:  FLY and GCM singing together


  1. Oh wow, this is great! Thanks for the words too.

  2. Wow. That touched me more than I thought it would. Maybe because of all the violence going on the world and that simple refrain of "You are good, Jesus."
    Thank you for the reminder of the source of our hope as you are half way around the world!

  3. Cool! I was hoping we would get to hear! Thank you so much for finding a way to share the music with us!

  4. such blissfully simple lyrics. Tina R.