Friday, August 1, 2014


Kyle, playing with street kids

Claire in an intense game of 'Cat and Mouse'
By Kyle Shiring
This morning, we went over to the holiday camp at the International team office. I was put with the older kids ranging for the ages of 16-22 years old. We started with a friendly game of sharks and minnows, which became very intense because we were in a space about double the size of my bedroom. They got really into it very quickly, which was great. 

Next we played cat and mouse; which they liked more because it was like tag. Everyone was falling and crashing into each other during cat and mouse, which also included small cuts and ripped pants. After that we played a game of 3 on 3 fútbol.This was exhausting but it was so much fun because they loved it and we bonded with each other. Then we played duck, duck, goose but they thought we said duck, duck, cheese” which made it a very interesting and funny game. 

Finally, we went into the I-teams building, I talked to a kid named Jean Lucky. He was left on the street to defend himself which amazed me. Despite this, he changed his name from Jean Claude to Jean Lucky because of how “lucky” he’s been in his life. Through International Teams, he’s been given a place to live, food to eat, and the money for school. Now he dreams of being a dancer and a singer.


  1. So glad to see the blogs again! Sounds like the Holiday camp is going well. I love that they thought it was called Duck Duck Cheese! How old is Jean Lucky? It is a wonderful thing that I-Teams is doiing.

  2. Kyle - You have had such a range of experiences: singing, dancing, games and then cutting down banana trees (is that real?), connecting with people you have met and visiting the memorials. We are glad to be along for the ride.

  3. What a fun post to read! You packed a lot of activity into a tightly packed space. I'm loving the mental image of that joyful chaos.

    From here forward, always and forever, I will teach children to play Duck, Duck, Cheese. It just sounds better.